Our team


Darije Josić

After education in USA, Germany and Spain, Darije started his consultant career in marketing and market research for Croatian companies which are members of the ICF Group, after which he joined Deloitte & Touche as one of the youngest senior consultants. He has also worked as business development manager for Development Alternatives Inc., and in a USA company (financed by USAID) he was in charge of the development team for small and medium-sized companies sector. From 2005, Darije was the President of Board management of Jadran Invest, company for management of investment funds, founded in Zagreb. He was responsible for independent design, implementation and control of development strategy and operative plan of Jadran Invest related to establishment and management of the investment fund. Additionally, his responsibilities included business and financial planning and designing the company’s development strategy and supervision of the overall company business including the board, finances and legal issues. Before his arrival to Sense ESCO, Darije was in charge for all business activities of the Croatian radio-television, thus managing the annual budget of 200 million euros, and he was also responsible for sales and marketing, supply and storage, finances and accounting, planning and analysis, general and administrative affairs, ICT, transport and logistics, safety and maintenance, investment and construction, legal and human resources and corporative communications.


Marko Slunjski

Marko co-founded Sense Consulting together with Vedran Antoljak. He became an expert in providing solutions and guidelines for the challenges that public and private sectors face today. He has a longstanding international experience in the area of cost restructuring, management of acquisition chain, optimisation of business processes, investments and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Marko cooperated with USAID, World Bank, Bearing Point, Development Alternatives Inc. and other similar companies on international development projects and private sector projects. He is active as an educator and holds business courses for both public and the private sector. Marko earned his MBA degree (Master in Business Administration) at the renowned RIT University (Rochester Institute of Technology) and was educated in Croatia, Czech Republic and USA. Marko attended many professional courses both in Croatia and abroad, and he holds the CMC (Certified Management Consultant) and EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management) certificates.

Denis Nikola Kulišić

Denis Nikola Kulišić

Denis is a graduate electrical engineer and a university specialist in the field of strategic management and corporate governance. He gained his long-term business experience working in some big companies such as Odašiljači i veze, Zagrebački Holding and Vipnet. He worked 10 years for Odašiljači i veze (OiV) where he went all the way from electrical engineer to chairman of the board of directors. He was in charge of the company restructuration in view of preparing it for placement on the telecommunication market. It’s under his leadership that television analog signal “disappeared” in Croatia and that OiV won an international tender for a concession which ensured the company financial stability for the next 10 years.

Denis is an executive officer at Sense ESCO and before his arrival at our company he was director of Luxor Multiservis d.o.o., a company in charge of commercial, technical and infrastructural management of business facilities. His skills and knowledge also come from work experience in foreign companies such as Telekom Austria Group (where he was sales director for the CEE area in charge of selling satellite capacity to media operators and programme producers), Vipnet (where he was satellite television manager) and DIGI SAT TV (where he worked as a procurist). He was also for a short while member of the executive board, in charge of communal affairs for Zagrebački Holding. Denis is also a certified internal auditor.


Hrvoje Glamuzina

After graduating as an Electrical Engineer, Hrvoje obtained a Master’s degree in Technical Sciences at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. Hrvoje is Technical Director in Sense ESCO. He was previously employed in HEP, where he was responsible for implementation of environmental management system and in HEP ESCO as the Head of project management department. In past 10 years he conducted numerous energy efficiency projects in various industries, hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, street lighting and heating systems. He also has experience in the construction of biomass cogeneration plants and photovoltaic power stations. He attended a number of international trainings in the field of energy management, environmental management, project management, finance and business organization. Hrvoje is a licensed expert for measurement and verification of savings, and is also an authorized trainer for IPMVP by international organization EVO. Hrvoje was a member of team that won 2007 European Award for Best Energy Service Provider awarded by European Commission. As a Technical director, he brings valuable input to SENSE ESCO’s projects based on years of experience and extensive knowledge, and has proven to be an expert in projects related to ESCO.


Ivan Kozina

Ivan Kozina is a Chief Operating Officer at SENSE ESCO with the academic degree in Traffic Sciences. Before his arrival to Sense ESCO, Ivan was in charge of supply chain planning and also for managing logistics teams in Heineken Hrvatska Ltd. As a Manager of supply chain planning department and logistic department he has extensive business experience in financial budget planning, production planning, sales demand planning and all other logistics and sales processes.

Prior to working for Heineken, he was a Manager of Primary Logistic Department in Zagrebačka pivovara Ltd. – Croatian leading national brewery, Member of Molson Coors Company. In the same corporation, he was also licenced auditor of logistic processes for CEE. In addition to coordinating his business activities, he has also attended many educational and practical trainings related to management, business communication and personal development, to further empower his business skills.



Zrinoslava Delić

Zrinoslava Delić has a law degree and in Sense ESCO team holds the position of an Executive Director for Legal Affairs. She began her career as a law trainee whereupon she passed the bar exam and began an enviable career growth on the Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HRT). During the many years of work, she has progressed from the position of a Lawyer – Leader to Manager of the department for Legal Affairs of HRT. She was responsible for the supervision and preparation of contracts, preparation of general acts of the HRT, operational decisions, legal opinions and legal advices to the Board of Directors.

Before joining Sense ESCO Zrinoslava was Senior Adviser for Legal Affairs to the President of Zagreb City Assembly and was responsible for the preparation and control of all decisions and contracts within the competence of the Zagreb City Assembly. As head of the Department of General and Legal Affairs of the Agency for investments and competitiveness she was responsible for providing legal support to the Agency. In addition to passing the bar exam, Zrinoslava also passed notary public exam.


Jan Bleyl

Jan gained education and additional training at prestigious universities of Technical University of Berlin in Germany and Humboldt State University in California, USA. He has held various managerial positions as well as a position of senior consultant for companies Energetic Solutions (Austria), Graz Energy Agency (Austria), Berlin Energy Agency (Germany). He also worked as assistant at Herrmann Föttinger Institute for Hydromechanics, Technical University of Berlin.

Jan has a 19-year experience in improving energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources. He was a manager in the ESCO Department – Berlin Energy Agency for more than 5 years, having various responsibilities, from project development for potential buyers and project contracting, acquisitions, financial part, construction and maintenance to project control and financing, coaching new ESCO consultants and associates and further development of business models related to energy efficiency improvement. His experience covers a wide spectrum of different areas important to ESCO – cogeneration installations, heating, cooling and ventilation systems, solar systems, electricity systems, public lighting, etc.