About us

SENSE ESCO Ltd. specialises in implementation of energy efficiency projects with the main goal of identifying successful private sector companies and offering turnkey solutions for energy efficiency process optimisation. The mission of SENSE ESCO Ltd. is to interconnect all the requirements, commitments and activities of energy efficiency projects the client can come across – engineering and consulting, financing, equipment manufacturers and works contractors, and, finally, energy supply. ┬áThe company does planning, implementation and financing of energy efficiency projects, and it is funded through savings generated in usage and maintenance of facilities.


The advantages of Sense ESCO and the ESCO model:

  • Globally recognised, known and used business model
  • Assessment of large market of Republic of Croatia with competition shortage
  • A very positive feedback of all potential stakeholders (clients, financing parties, partners)
  • A strong Sense ESCO internal team
  • Reliable technical partners and a growing list of potential clients
  • No initial investment costs and capital investments
  • “Turnkey” means that the process of project designing, financing, implementing and maintenance is carried out by Sense ESCO
  • Reduction of operative costs of maintenance and reduction of the risk of blockage and malfunction of old and expired technology due to installation of new technology
  • Immediate generation of savings
  • Reduction of environmental pollution and harmonisation with European Union standards
  • The ESCO company follows, measures and maintains the technical side of the project, organises and manages all the phases of the project and takes over the overall financial risk.
  • After investment pay off and contract expiry, all the advantages of the project (installed equipment included) remain with the client, and the cooperation between the client and the ESCO company may be continued through the project of a systematic energy-generating product management.